The Fragmented Whole Podcast

Fragmented Whole (n.): Any entity navigating the fragments of broken systems, relationships, and geographies, while simultaneously striving to remain whole.

Conceptualized by host and executive producer, Amarachi Anakaraonye, in 2017, The Fragmented Whole, a bi-monthly podcast, explores how the brokenness we see in ourselves is reflected in the world around us. Through conversations with entrepreneurs, scholars, artists, and more, Amarachi investigates how the fragments of intergenerational and systemic trauma can be utilized to manifest individual and collective wholeness.


Season 2, Episode 1

Why are Black people not extinct based on everything we've been through? What factors are contributing to Black women continuing to have full-term births despite experiencing racism across their lives? In this episode, we speak with Dr. Monica McLemore, a reproductive justice nurse, scholar, and activist at the University of California-San Francisco, about potential strategies for reducing the disproportionate rates of Black maternal mortality rates in the United States.


Season 2, Episode 2

In this episode, I speak with Marcus Littles, the Founder and a Senior Partner of Frontline Solutions. Marcus provides strategies organizations can utilize to center equity not just in word, but in action. Happy listening to the entrepreneurs, dreamers, and doers striving to facilitate spaces of production that are equitable and innovative.